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About me

Thanks for the visit, It's great connecting with you. A little bit about myself ; I am an avid front-end web developer with an unquenchable thirst for great designs and a good book.

I also double down on UI/UX design because being a great web developer will only take you so far but combined with design and i can deliver amazing projects.

Currently i'm focused on creating front-end projects since i'm well versed with the technologies required as i learn to expand my skills towards becoming a fullstack developer and i'm intrested in remote front-end development opprtuities. This also means i'm available to work with you on any project or related job opportunities you may have in mind and all you have to do is reach out 🤙

Tech stack

I am very well acquinted with frontend programming and scripting languages as well as frameworks which include and not limited to html5 & css3, vanilla Javascript, Sass/Scss, materialize css, bootstrap, Git and tailwind. I've utilzed these technologies to create awsome projects that you can view from here.

My Projects

Each and every step of my learning journey is documented as a project. I started by learning pure html and css and found that the most effective way i could demostrate my prowess in every tech stack i know is by building projects. So, let's check out some of my projects;

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  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Designs
  • Snippets
  • Courses
  • Wordpress
  • Articles

Reasons to drop var in javascript;

A blog post on reasons why javascript developers should avoid the use of var when declaring varibles.

Adobe premiere Course

A course on video editing specifically utilizing adobe premiere.

Theme templates

There are plenty of ways to document my skills and creating theme templates is one of them. Have a look.

Variables in CSS & SASS

This is an article on utilizing varibales in css and Sass specifically SCSS when styling your code.

Online learning platform

This is a wordpress based project for an online learning platform.

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